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  • The power of influencer content!

    Choose wisely: You worked hard to create your brand. Influencer partners should make sense. Their tone, their audience and their channels all should align with your goals.
    Communicate clearly: What do you want the influencers to do, and how do you want it done? Instagram post, YouTube video, blog series? Provide your brand guidelines, set timeline expectations and set up regular check-in times. A creative brief can help bring this all together.
    Define success metrics: Do you want clicks? Sales attribution? Increased followers? Make sure you know what this campaign should achieve. You can work with the influencers and their agency to structure payment around key performance indicator successes.
    Get out of the way: Now that you and your influencers have clarity, let them work their magic. Their authentic voices are their most valuable asset, so give them the freedom to use them. Their followers will disengage if they sense something is phony. As long as you’ve clearly communicated your guidelines, you should be able to trust that they’ll do a great job representing your brand.

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  • Summer Friday’s

    Leinenkugel, for the second year in a row, is promoting an endeavor called #LeinieFriday, imploring business owners to let their employees off early on Fridays for the next few months. The Chippewa Falls, Wisc.-based brewery said in a press release it wants to “spark a national summer Friday revolution” and hosted more than 1,000 events in bars and restaurants across the country two weeks ago to kick off the campaign.

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  • Prime to invest in content in India

    Recent job postings suggest that Amazon India has been quietly working for a while on bringing the on-demand film and TV service in the country. It hired Aparna Purohit, a veteran film producer, as Head of Creative development in January this year. A job description posted on LinkedIn last week seeks a “Head of Business Development” for Amazon Video India. The report adds that the company is currently in talks with local production companies for content.

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  • What marketers need to know about Snapchat

    Snapchat is one of the most heavily-used apps by young, so-called millennial consumers. The photo and video sharing app’s simplistic and more-private environment than Facebook or Twitter means that it’s often seen as a real threat to its larger rivals as booming video consumption makes it more and more appealing to brands and advertisers. Now the company reportedly sees more than 10bn viewed on its platform every day, through curated Live Stories, publisher’s channels and direct messages and stories between users. It’s an increase of 150% from the 4bn consumed a year ago and is actually more than the 8bn views Facebook disclosed in November.
    This increasing video consumption, as well as creation by users, means the app is becoming a more important tool in any marketer’s arsenal when trying to reach its audience mostly young 100m users. There are still limitations to Snapchat for businesses (users still need to enter a brands user name of scan a QR code to follow them), but with the company targeting USD300m in ad revenue this year it continues to experiment and open up new ways for brands and marketers to utilise the app. And video will play a primary role in that.

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  • For YouTube, the Future Looks Virtual

    The many proofs of that include a session earlier this week in which Neil Mohan, YouTube chief product officer announced YouTube would add 360 degree live streaming and an audio equivalent, kicking off with some select parts of the Coachella music festival in Los Angeles this weekend.

    Mohan says 360-degree video gives a viewer “an unmatched, immersive experience” and “spatial audio allows you to listen along as you do in real life, where depth, distance and intensity all play a role.” YouTube has otherwise offered 360 degree videos for the last year or so. It’s a big growth area.

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  • Video and Instagram impact

    Instagram marketing has always been a tricky task. The platform offers visual opportunities in a format that only recently has deviated from its core offering: the square photo. Now, you can post short videos and photos in ratios as unsquare as 3:4. Those small changes made a big difference in the potential for advertising. As Mitchell Reichgut, CEO of Jun Group, notes, “Mobile video is arguably the most important advertising format today, and its growth has been staggering.”

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  • 7 Key Points to a great “explainer” video

    “Explainer” videos are a great marketing tool that can leverage consumers’ ability to easily digest visual content, and quickly convert those consumers into leads, sales and revenue for your business. Considering that most explainer videos range in length between 60 and 90 seconds, you have only a small window of time to capture the your viewer’s attention and drive home your message in a convincing fashion.