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  • Congrats to JT @ 77 Films!

    Jay Thames’ “Texas City – The Darkest Day” is based on the true story of the Texas City disaster. On April 16, 1947, an explosion — considered an “industrial accident” — destroyed Texas City. This film aims to tell the “real story of diverse everyday people (including the writer’s grandfather), who became unsuspecting heroes on that fateful day.” The true-story aspect will no doubt hit close to home with audiences, whether they have a direct connection or not. And we know how much the Academy likes a historical tale of heroism.

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  • Impact of crowdsourcing video content on advertising

    Dawn Hudson, the National Footbal League’s chief marketing officer who has held executive roles at ad agencies and at PepsiCo, agrees. One reason that crowdsourcing is no longer as threatening to agencies is because shops still play a role, she said. “You still need people to organize it,” she said. Crash didn’t happen “because consumers decided to do it. This program happened because somebody had the idea, organized it, made it happen, provided the vehicles.” She added: “The agency world is as relevant as ever, if not arguably more relevant, as more crowdsourced individual ideas have come to pass.”