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The Front Lines

CrowdHere is a hand-picked network of the most talented filmmakers, animators, editors, and social influencers from the crowdsourcing ecosystem with a proven history of thinking up amazing ideas and turning them into video gold.

This isn’t a static community by any means. As work continues to be done online, our community improves and grows.

The Back Office

We're also a collective of folks with an expertise in communicating with, strategizing for, and building tools for creative crowds.

We’ve worked with talented crowds for a decade and know the processes and tech needed to get the most out of distributed creative groups of all sizes.

We help brands and organizations tell stories.

This can look like:

  • Groups of creators tasked with creating a variety of polished, nearly finished videos (these can be anything from animated explainers to consumer stories to TV spots)

  • Brainstorm pods who submit a diverse pool of creative pitches based on your brand positioning or creative brief

  • Insight teams focused on gathering creative insights and uncovering strategies through conversations with consumers

  • Our team of crowdsourcing experts consulting on developing processes and platforms for liquid workforce and crowd content generation efforts

Rana respiratory care
Partnering with Crowdhere has allowed us to offer high quality of concept and execution in addressing our client's video needs. We worked with wonderful account managers and creators, and were very pleased with the results they were able to bring to the table. The process CrowdHere took us through was remarkably smooth, and we have every confidence in their ability to deliver amazing work for us again in the near future!

Teyden Haycroft

Marketing Account Manager at Rana Respiratory Care
Tungsten Network
Partnering with Crowdhere has been a great experience and we are thrilled with our final video content. Working with their team was easy and seamless and very early on we were exposed to a great portolio of filmmakers. Quickly we were able to choose a filmmaker who delivered superb work. We have every confidence in their ability to deliver great storytelling for us again in the near future!

Connie O’Brien

CMO at Tungsten Network

Bryan Mccarter

Digital Marketing Lead USA at Frigidaire

We’re a lean, mean organization that relies heavily on technology to achieve efficiencies in the creative process.

Our basic process looks like this:

We post a project for an appropriate segment of the community

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Creators participate by creating videos, generating ideas, or gathering consumer insights and feedback

source: twostripetechnicolor

Feedback is gathered through our survey and user engagement tools

This part is optional, but rad

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We work with our clients and creators to make sure your videos (ideas, etc.) are polished up

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What makes us different?

First, our crowd of filmmakers. We’ve worked with thousands of distributed filmmakers over the years and have curated the best of that group.

We’re also constantly evaluating new talent against the high standards of our creative group.

Second, we’ve been through hundreds of crowdsourced projects. We’ve had some great success over that period of time, but equally important is the fact that we’ve made mistakes and learned lessons that only experience can teach about what it takes from a process and technological standpoint to work with the intense force that is a creative crowd.

Current clients

Black and Decker
The Stow Company
Church and Dwight

Past experience with great brands

American Airlines
Frito Lay

And killer agencies

Saatchi and Saatchi

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