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Sandbox, a leading brand marketing agency in Canada came to CrowdHere looking for an innovative way to produce video for their client, RANA respiratory care. Their challenge was that they wanted to take RANA a bit out of their comfort zone so that they could truly develop breakthrough video content that would resonate with their target audience. Crowdsourcing was the perfect solution as it allowed them to source great ideas in a new and fresh way, yet still maintain the control over production that they knew they'd need to have. CrowdHere assembled a curated group of top producers to deliver fresh ideas on how to reach sleep apnea sufferers and more importantly, their bed partners. After an exciting round of ideation the teams moved into production on the top 3 ideas from the group. What was delivered were unique and compelling video stories that told the sleep apnea story in a new and humorous way. We invite you to take a look and would love to hear from you.

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Teyden Haycroft

Marketing Account Manager

Partnering with Crowdhere has allowed us to offer high quality of concept and execution in addressing our client's video needs. We worked with wonderful account managers and creators, and were very pleased with the results they were able to bring to the table. The process CrowdHere took us through was remarkably smooth, and we have every confidence in their ability to deliver amazing work for us again in the near future!